Rectangle is a graphic and interaction design studio based in Glasgow, Scotland and founded by Daniel Powers (US) and Lizzie Malcolm (UK) in August 2017. We work with information and technology and content and form to develop projects in various media.
We write software, build tools, create archives, design interfaces and explore technologies. All projects are designed and developed in-house. Outcomes encompass the physical and digital. Computation is central, but not always visible.

Teaching and workshops
We work with a wide range of clients: Software Developers, Artists, Musicians, Cultural Institutions, Choreographers, Academics, Lawyers and ourselves.
Unit 102A, 54 Washington Street
G3 8AZ Glasgow
A series of graduate exhibition sites for the Glasgow School of Art.
A identity and website for the Critical Making research consortium.
A tool to explore facts and statistics on the benefits of cultural investment.
Digital publication and newspaper for a bi-lingual journal.
An identity and website for an avant-garde performance space in Amsterdam
A poster with an identity crisis for the Center for Interdiciplinary Methodologies at Warwick University
Covers for a new book series for Amsterdam based Octavo Publicaties
A website chronologising the work and process of the Dutch artist Myung Feyen
An online archive and shop for the Italian shoe designers Marséll, and their art space Marsèlleria in Milan
A photographic archive of The Glasgow School of Art after a fire in 2014
A memorial for civilian casualties of the war on ISIS in Iraq & Syria.
A website for the civillian casualty monitor.
An online accompaniment to an exhibition for artist Georgia Horgan.
Map and document database of timber regulation resources for lawyers and environmental activists
An identity and poster series for an annual theme at the Center for Interdiciplinary Methodologies at Warwick University
A website for an Israeli artist and choreographer, exploring information density in web design
A subversive browser extension that suggests alternative methods to manufacture, repair, or replace items as you shop on
A website giving new life to old ways of finding music
A twitter visualisation of the conversation surrounding the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014
A research collaboration with the Center for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, exploring the proliferation of performance analysis
A timeline visualisation of women's political rights around the world since 1892
  • Test Unit, 10–16 June 2019, Glasgow

    A project concerned with debunking the myth of seamlessness or immateriality around data and technology. By exposing or visualising the seams between systems we can reassert our understanding of, and agency within, the technological landscape.

    photo credit: Jassy Earl

  • Archives, March 2019, CCS Detroit

    Over two days we worked with students to create digital archives using Wordpress and custom fields.

  • Participatory Web, October 2018, Goldsmiths University

    An exploration of online participation, collaboration, and competition.

  • Greenpeace @ KABK, September 2018

    Again with the NLN Master, we directed a workshop to kick off a year long collaboration project with Greenpeace.

  • Psychographics, April 2018

    A week long workshop at the KABK’s Non Linear Narrative Master. Following the recent investigations into the practices of Cambridge Analytica, we aksed students to download their entire Facebook archive. Using a combination of text and image analysis, they designed an interfaces to their dataset, confronting the quantity and intimacy of the information.

  • Command & Control, Tech Week, January 2018

    A workshop examining the proliferation of dashboards and control rooms outwith their traditional domains, and into our everyday lives. In collaboration with Thomas Boland.

  • Templeton on the Green, Glasgow, 3 September 2019
  • The Whisky Bond, Glasgow, 12 June 2019
  • College for Creative Studies, Detroit, 20 March 2019
  • Design Theory, GSA, 16 October 2018
  • Rectangle & Make Works, Mozilla Festival, London, 29 October 2017
    We ran a session about the Make Works Extension for Redistrubuted Manufacturing alongside MW founder Fi Duffy-Scott.

Both Lizzie and Dan teach Interaction Design and Coding in the Non Linear Narrative masters programme at the KABK in The Hague.

Lizzie also teaches in the Communication Design department at the Glasgow School of Art.

Dan previously taught in the Interaction Design department at ArtEZ in Arnhem for 8 years and Lizzie in the bachelor programme for Graphic Design at the KABK for 4 years.