Revolutionary Papers

February 2022
Project 8 / 38

Revolutionary Papers is a transnational research collaboration exploring 20th century periodicals of Left, anti-imperial and anti-colonial critical production.

This website is both an archive of these journals, and a collection of Teaching Tools designed to facilitate learning about or teaching with revolutionary periodicals.

Through three different interface formats – Close Reading, Linear and Tabletop – researchers can design a tool to that responds to their material, and organise content for presentation.

Revolutionary Papers home page showing a grid of journals in the main column, and announcements and teaching tools in a secondary column
The homepage is an over of periodicals, teaching tools and upcoming events.
Revolutionary Papers Journals page showing search and filter options and journal previews in a grid
Journal Archive
The archive can be searched and filtered by period, continent, language, theme, and geography.
Revolutionary Papers teaching tool showing a main column of text with key names and sentences highlighted
Close Reading Teaching Tool
A central text, and/or pages of a journal can be annotated with a second layer of analysis and discussion.
Revolutionary Papers teaching tool showing a column of text flanked by images
Linear Teaching Tool
A more conventional format, the linear tool encourages linear progression from one chapter to another.
Revolutionary Papers teaching tool showing clusters of stacked images
Tabletop Teaching Tool
This tool allows a selection of objects, photos, books, excerpts to be arranged on a virtual tabletop.
Revolutionary Papers mobile home page showing the details of two publications
Revolutionary Papers mobile publication page
Revolutionary Papers people page showing bios of the core team and listing other contributors
Revolutionary Papers reading and resources page
Revolutionary Papers mobile teaching tools overview