Veem House for Performance

September 2016—May 2019
Project 29 / 38

The identity for Veem is driven by performance and how it relates to language and text. Each month the programme is read out loud and this act of speech is used to create the material the House requires for the coming weeks. Though animation, timing and other parameters, the cadence of the original speech act transform the visual representation of the identity.

This project is a collaboration with Atelier Carvalho Bernau

Desktop Website
The original website is a display of upcoming performances and flows like a text block from left to right. The trailers are shown without sound and like the printed materials, dates and times are written out to imitate speech.
Protest By Blackout
In a period of precarious funding, Veem decided that rather than risk the integrity of the House, they would open for only one hundred days a year. Before these one hundred days could begin in Septemeber 2017, the House was in blackout and the website suspended with this quote from Virginia Woolf.
Hundred Day House
Once the blackout was over, Veem reopened as the Hundred Day House with some adaptations to the original identity.
Housemate Key
A version of a season ticket – special contributors to Veem can become a housemate and receive a key.
Printed Matter
Where text cannot animate, the identity relies on other methods to reinforce the idea of speech: In quotation marks, with natural line breaks, non-numerical dates, and phonetic urls.
To reinforce a monthly schedule and set of recurring themes, a new color is introduced each month to all the identity materials.
November 2015 Poster.
Hundred Day Poster
Generated from the website, an A1 poster of the whole 2017—18 programme.